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Rules for Team Results Made Summer Challenge

All rules and regulations for the Team Results Made Summer Challenge.


You must be using the premium version of the 1stPhorm app and have Matt Benavides as your advisor during all 9 weeks of the Summer Challenge.


*After downloading 1stPhorm app, when prompted to select an advisor, use email:

**Or if you already have an advisor, click menu, scroll down to "my advisor", click "drop advisor" then use the above email address to search for new advisor.

 You must pay $25 on or before July 10th, to Matt or Corrie Benavides.  July 10th is the official last date to sign up.  Must have starting photos taken between June 23 and July 10th 2023 and ending photos taken between September 3 and September 10 2023.  You must use Level-1, Phormula-1, or Opti-Greens 50 throughout the challenge.


Points will be earned throughout the challenge based on four separate metrics and added up at the end of the challenge to select a winner. 

1. Overall transformation

2. Interaction within team facebook page.

3. Participation in weekly challenges.

4. Performance achievements.

BONUS POINTS: Bonus points will be awarded for full participation in Transformation Tuesday post.

*Posting progress photos and/or progress updates during Transformation Tuesday's Facebook post.

**When participating in Physical Assessments, video's of push up, air squats must be sent in to Matt or Corrie Benavides, Tricia Clute, Anita Sebree OR posted on the Facebook page during assessment weeks.  Full body must be visible.  Push ups must adhere to the following.  Belly/Chest touches the floor on the way down.  Arms are fully extended on the way up.  Squats must adhere to the following.  Hips must reach at least depth of the knee on the way down.  Legs must be fully extended on the standing back up portion.  *half reps on push ups and squats will be counted but as less than a full rep.  

**Push Up variations are accepted.  Example, beginning from your feet then mid way dropping to your knees.  Also, beginning from knees and going the entire time.  

***Squats will also be accepted if the use of a device to help with range of motion or balance is used.  Example, holding on to TRX bands, the back of a couch, a ball leaning against the wall, any stationary object to help you move, any moving object to help you move.  We just want full depth.

1mile and 5k walk/runs.  A screenshot of the treadmill does not qualify as you running your distance.  We all know you can step off the side of the treadmill and the machine keeps counting your distance while you are resting and not running.  Ideally, you would send in a screenshot of an app that shows distance ran/walked as well as pace.  If you do not have a tracking device and must use treadmill, we will require a video of the entire run.  Contact Matt or Corrie for further details.  We just really want to stop all possibilities of someone deceiving the judges when money is on the line.  We will be fair and helpful with other alternatives.

Plank, the entire plank must be recorded and sent in to coaches.  Matt, Corrie, Anita, Tricia or posted to Facebook group during week of assessments.


Final prize pool will be divided up among all the winners.  At least three winners will be selected for cash prizes.  Weekly prizes for outstanding participation will not come from prize pool.


No cheating.  Work with intention.  Live with integrity.  Pursue your goals with grit.  Most importantly, please have fun and enjoy the process!

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