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Everybody's keep working

About Benavides Fitness

Corrie and I have a dream of creating a world of stronger individuals who aim to lift others up along their journey.  Our family is a big part of our journey.  We have a standard and expectation of upholding certain core values within our home and our team.  We understand that in order to be truly strong, you must run together not alone.  Benavides Fitness is our no nonsense team who are dedicated to bringing out the best in you. 

We offer many services to help you reach your fitness goals.  Fitness isn't a one size fits all world, so why should your coaches be?  We offer everything from in person coaching, 1 on 1 or group personal training, many different online coaching programs and a community of badasses, Team Results Made, who are here to cheer you along the entire way!

We live on the principles of hard work and integrity.  You will not fit in here if you aren't ready to do the hard things.  We believe life happens for us not to us and you very well know by happens a lot!  Strap up and lets get to work!




How we coach

We partner with 1st Phorm for our coaching program and will track everything from your daily workouts to your nutrition and supplementation using their app.  Join our Facebook Community, Team Results Made, by clicking the link to the right.  Then set up your discovery call so we can get to work!

Meet Matt

Matt Benavides

Matt has a passion for empowering others to find out what they are truly capable of.  He understands the natural process of someone holding themselves back and works with his clients to overcome that mental barrier far before any physical barriers arise.  He will dig in deep and learn what problems they are facing and what obstacles stand in the way of moving forward, so  together, they can come up with real world solutions.  He doesn't win unless his clients win.  He wants them to find that undeniable spirit inside themselves and let it loose!


Getting Here:

For our local members, we train primarily out of the Anytime Fitness on Old Hwy 71 S in between Greenwood and Fort Smith AR.

Our Address:

11735 Old Hwy 71 S

Fort Smith AR, 72916


(479) 252-5222

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